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Galaxy S7 Edge Evaluate

Galaxy S7 Edge Evaluate

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has an enormous challenge – it needs to observe up one of many South Korean firm’s most modern handsets not just of 2015, but perhaps of the previous few years. The Galaxy S6 Edge handed samsung galaxy s7 edge for sale;, one thing extra important than gross sales, market share, or revenue. It handed it public status, important acclaim, and an air that the company may innovate on mass market hardware.

How do you follow that up? That’s the challenge the Galaxy S7 Edge faces. Has it succeeded?

The reply to the ‘how’ is the simplest answer. Samsung listened to most of the issues voiced about the S6 Edge and appears to have addressed them all. After which made everything slightly bit better.

The design of the S7 Edge is perhaps the area where this course of has had the most important impact. The S6 Edge had a very flat back, with only the digital camera lens bulge lifting the handset up from a table or desk. The curved long edges of the display got here to an abrupt end with a very narrow band between the screen and the back. It was awkward to pick up, and there was little surface space to get a good grip of the device.

That has changed on the S7 Edge. The back of the smartphone has a delicate curve that sits a lot simpler in the palm of my hand. This lifts the chassis edge slightly higher off a table, and makes the smartphone easier to pick up, and the edges even have a slight curve so the phone is easier and safer in a normal grip.

As for the curved display screen, the change in bodily measurement to an efficient 5.5 inches opens up Samsung’s TouchWiz interface and the quantity of physical house works well with Android Marshmallow. The display screen curves greater than the S6 Edge ever managed, and because of Samsung’s personal Super AMOLED expertise it’s incredibly vibrant and vibrant. It’s nearly cartoonish in color replica, and that might turn a few folks away, however it does help convey a way of enjoyable to the handset.

Which is sweet, because fun would be the important thing phrase I take advantage of to describe the design of the S7 Edge chassis and screen.

The display screen is not with out issue. By curving the sides away, Samsung has created a UI problem that's not often addressed. Whereas Samsung’s software is usually good enough to place a ‘gutter’ along the sides so very important areas aren't positioned within the curved portion, there are lots of times where the curve has been a distraction and annoyance. Framing an image when the perimeters curve away; working with a strong light source that causes unexpected reflections; full display screen video playback; and just about any utility where the UI components are near the edge of the screen. Annoyingly one of the greatest culprits of the latter are Google’s own apps (Gmail I’m taking a look at you).

But there are times where the curved edge threatens to vary the paradigm of smartphones altogether. Samsung almost managed that final year. The preliminary S6 Edge software program showed promise but needed extra performance to be added. Sadly it took till the replace to Marshmallow for this to happen… The update that was the software for the S7 Edge. I hope Samsung don’t wait till the S8 Edge to add to the software on the S7 Edge – it deserves to be innovated throughout the year.