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Dosage Choices


Hard gelatin capsules are the most common form of solid medication dosage. Capsules are a great compounding choice for many reasons, including:

  • Accurate, consistent dosage
  • Regulated time release of medication
  • Flexibility in compounding options
  • Alternative formulations to avoid side effects or absorption issues
  • Capsules can be flavored for veterinary use to make it more pleasant for the animal


When swallowing a capsule is difficult, compounded medicine in a liquid form is a great choice. Most prescribed medications can be mixed in a liquid suspension, with your choice of flavors. Liquids work well for children, older adults, and even animals.


Creams and gels offer several advantages over other compounded medication delivery options. They are appropriate for a wide variety of drugs. They are easily applied to the skin, and are a popular choice to deliver drugs such as pain-relief medication directly to the site. They are particularly handy when a patient cannot swallow and prefers to not use suppositories. Our trained compounding pharmacists will choose ingredients to protect the potency and effectiveness of your prescribed medication. Protection for sensitive skin or allergies can also be easily added.


Lollipops in your favorite flavor are a fun, safe way to take your prescribed medication. They are well-tolerated and therapeutic. Village Pharmacy can mix compounded medicine in lollipops for medical reasons such as:

  • Nausea relief
  • Anesthetics for mouth or throat pain
  • Pain relief
  • Oral thrush / fungal infection
  • Smoking cessation help


This method delivers the custom-compounded drugs directly into the bloodstream by dissolving the medication under the tongue or against the gums. Because the gastric system is bypassed, stomach irritation is minimal and the drugs retain full potency. Almost any drug that will easily dissolve in saliva can be delivered using the dissolvable troches.


Microbes tend to thrive in moist environments and adding an ear drop will keep the ear canal moist. For patients with recurring or persistent ear infections, some doctors will choose an ear powder formulated with multiple antimicrobials so the ear canal will remain dry. The prescription is dispensed with a Sheehy-House Powder Insufflator for easy administration.


Suppositories are helpful for patients that are unable to swallow. Most drugs are rapidly and almost completely absorbed rectally. Suppositories are also grat choices when drugs need to be delivered directly to a rectal or vaginal site.