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Why Use Compounded Medicine

What is prescription compounding?  Prescription compounding is the art and science of mixing already FDA approved prescription drugs into a strength and dosage form specific for a patient. The drugs have already been tested for safety and efficacy by the FDA. We just change the strength or dosage form so that the drug works best for a particular patient.

Commercially available prescription medicines help millions every year. But, even though they work for most people, they may not work for you. Patients and healthcare professionals now realize that professional compounding is a great alternative when traditional off-the-shelf medicines aren’t the answer to your specific healthcare issues. Pharmacies have been compounding medicines for hundreds of years. Today, it’s a safe, well-regulated specialty. Our goal is to help you achieve your optimum health!

If you have any of these medical issues, ask your doctor if a compounded medication is right for you:

  • Specific dosage requirements (non-standard dose or time-release)
  • Dosage method options, such as needing a liquid instead of a pill
  • Discontinued medicines, or ones in short supply
  • Allergic reaction or sensitivity to ingredients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol
  • Side effects, such as nausea
  • Abnormal drug absorption or excretion due to health issues
  • Combining multiple medicines into one dose
  • Flavor preference

When an off-the-shelf solution isn’t available or appropriate, Village Pharmacy can create a custom-made medication based on a prescription from a physician, healthcare provider, or veterinarian. Compounding provides the exact medication in the exact dosage you need. Even a minor change can make a major difference in your well-being. Contact us today to find out if custom compounding is right for you!